Create a patient-centric dental care plan for every patient

Since every patient's dental care need is different, they may need a plan tailored specifically to them.  Set up reminder activities and reminder times accordingly for each patient.

Send reminder alerts to patients

Patients receive reminders as a notification on their smart phones.

Track patient's response to reminders

Patients can tap a button to indicate that they completed the activity called out by the reminder.

Review progress over past 6 months

Dentists can review how well the patient is taking care of their dental health.

Stay in touch with patients

Send quick, short messages with valuable information to all your patients.

3 Simple Steps To Get You Started With Loyalty.Dental

Create a Loyalty.Dental account

Takes 1-2 minutes to set up.
Credit card is not required.

Create a patient dental care plan

Create a simple dental care plan for patients.
Takes a couple of minutes per patient.

Ask patients to download the app 'Doctor Alerts'

Patients download 'Doctor Alerts' app from the App Store or Google Play and start receiving your daily reminder notifications.