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Our service is currently in beta release phase and therefore available for free to all users.  Sometime in the near future when we exit the beta release phase, our monthly membership fees will start at US Dollars $9.95 if you choose to continue with the service.  

Frequently Asked Questions

MyDentalAlerts is a notifications delivery service for dentists.  We help dentists deliver daily reminders to patients.  These reminders can be as simple as asking them to brush and floss at certain times during the day or take certain medications.  Patients receive these alerts on their smart phones.
No.  You can send these reminders to an unlimited number of patients.  You can send a maximum of 4 reminders per patient per day.
Yes.  Patients have the ability to "silence" these reminders (turn them off).
At a very small price dentists can engage their patients on a daily basis and these reminders can help to improve their overall dental health.
Dentists can access an 'activity tracker' for each patient and check how well they are responding to your reminders.
MyDentalAlerts allow you to send a maximum of 4 reminders per day per patient.  You can choose the timings for each reminder as per the individual patient needs.

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