Automate Daily/Weekly Promotions

Set up promotions and a delivery schedule for slow days of the week.  Your promotions are delivered by 10:00 am.  Set the validity dates/times of each promotion.  Change the schedule and/or promotion details anytime.

Automate Holiday Promotions

Coming Soon

Set up holiday promotions for the entire year in advance.  They are delivered just in time for the holidays.  

Multiple Delivery Channels

Coming Soon

Your promotions are delivered to customers through a variety of channels.   They are published to your facebook page, your yelp page and your web site home page.  They are delivered as a tweet through your twitter account and also as a notification on customer's phone.

Compare Performance Of Your Promotions

Track redemption rate and make adjustments to promotions for maximum effect.  Discontinue promotions that are not drawing in expected traffic.   Easily experiment with new and bolder promotions within minutes.

Create and Manage a Referral Program

Coming Soon

Create and manage a referral program that incentivizes customers to bring friends and colleagues.  

Create and Manage a Loyalty Program

Coming Soon

Create and manage a loyalty program that rewards frequent visitors.  

Create and Manage a 'Customer Subscription' Program

Coming Soon

Customers pay you a monthly subscription fee (that you set) in return for a discount (that you set) on all their orders.  This is a great way to improve cash flow at the beginning of the month.

4 Simple Steps To Get You Started With BistroDeals

Create an account

Takes 1-2 minutes to set up a BistroDeals account.
Credit card is not required.

Encourage customers to register with your restaurant

Customers download BistroDeals app and subscribe to receive your promotions.

Set up promotions

Set up a few promotions to start with.
Takes 2-3 minutes.

Schedule delivery of promotions

Which are your slowest days of the week?  Schedule delivery of promotions on those days.
Takes 1-2 minutes.