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Our service is currently in beta release phase and therefore available for free to all users.  Sometime in the near future when we exit the beta release phase, our monthly membership fees will start at US Dollars $9.95 if you choose to continue with the service.  

Frequently Asked Questions

BistroDeals is a just-in-time promotions service designed for restaurants.  We help restaurants deliver daily or weekly promotions to their customers and track redemptions.
No.  We help you to build your own customer database.
Customers download the app 'Bistro Deals' on their smart phones and subscribe to receive just-in-time promotions from your business.

Most customers are willing to subscribe if given an incentive.  'One Free drink' or 'One Free appetizer' or 'One Free dessert' are some examples of incentives that encourage customers to subscribe.
Yes.  Customers can unsubscribe your business in the app and stop receiving your promotions.
With targeted just-in-time promotions you can increase sales with very little effort.  Most restaurants have a couple of slow days during the week.  Just a few more orders each on such slow days can mean thousands of dollars in increased sales for the year.
Our response rate graph shows how your promotions are doing and how they compare with one another.  
You can set up BistroDeals to send as many promotions as you want.  There are no restrictions.

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