Did You Know?

Here are some findings from research conducted by restaurantbusiness.com in 2018.

  • When picking among a group of restaurants consumers know and like, 60% will opt for the one that offers a coupon.
  • Coupon users tend to dine out seven times per month versus 4.8 times for nonusers.
  • 41% of all consumers and 54% of millennials say they would like to receive coupons at least once per week.
  • 67% of frequent restaurant guests will bypass old favorites for an unfamiliar place offering a coupon.

So why don't more restaurants use promotions regularly?

Here are some quotes from restaurant owners

  • "Coupons and discounting erode profits"
  • “Coupons attract only deal shoppers”
  • “I have a customer email/cell phone numbers list but I am too busy to implement a daily/weekly couponing strategy on my own”
  • “I have tried daily deal services like Groupon and Living Social but they cost too much and long term ROI is not good.”

How to ensure your promotions strategy increases sales and profits?  Some tips ...

  • Send coupons on 1 or 2 days every week with the following conditions:
    • Each coupon is valid and can be redeemed only during specific hours of the day. Ideally these should be your slowest days and times of the week.
    • Make a generous offer, for example "buy 1 get 1 free". A weak offer will not entice customers to show up. Experiment with a variety of offers to see what works best.
  • Send offers only to your regular customers, those that have subscribed to receive communication (email, text, etc.) from you. If a customer buys from you 4 times a month, sending 1-2 coupons every week may get them to buy 5 or 6 times a month.
  • Schedule delivery of offers in advance so they are sent automatically every week without your intervention.

4 Simple Steps To Get You Started With BistroDeals

Create an account

Takes 1-2 minutes to set up a BistroDeals account.
Credit card is not required.

Encourage customers to register with your restaurant

Customers download BistroDeals app and subscribe to receive your promotions.

Set up promotions

Set up a few promotions to start with.
Takes 2-3 minutes.

Schedule delivery of promotions

Which are your slowest days of the week?  Schedule delivery of promotions on those days.
Takes 1-2 minutes.